Slotting (Editing || Content Creation (Spec))

Checklist for sending copy to pagination from Blox:

  1. Find article in hub: Go to hub in Blox and search for the article you wish to send to print. You can search by headline, name of author or publication.
  2. Confirm slug is present: Go to Print tab, General accordion and add a slug if one is missing. This becomes the start of the folder name in Newsgate.
  3. Confirm a print headline is present. Blox defaults to the Web headline if a print head is missing.
  4. Add print deck (subheadline) if required.
  5. Add jump keyword and jump headline if required.
  6. For Staff Authors only: check to see if the reporter added their tagline to the bottom of their article in Blox. Manually placed taglines should be italicized in the final graph of the story, with a comma before the email address and a period at the end of the sentence. Blox will automatically hide this paragraph once it detects information from the Author field in the final graph, so it’s important to keep multiple taglines together rather than in separate graphs.
  7. Check Section tags to confirm desk: Stories marked with a Business section tag should be sent to the Business desk; if Sports, send to the Sports desk, etc.
  8. Add publication: Go to Print tab, Publications accordion and hit Add, then add a Publication, Date, Edition (Desk) and Page Number.
  9. Check for photos: Check Related tab, Child Assets accordion for attached photos. Photos must have unique titles (only one with same name will go to NewsGate) and should be descriptive.
  10. Check content: Pull quotes and fact boxes are in Related tab, Content accordion. Double-click on each to check its accuracy.
  11. Check custom label: Go to Other > Custom properties. If a “special_label” is present, this becomes the article’s label in print (and web). Want to change the label for print? Add a note to the laydown document.
  12. Park in slot: If you aren’t ready to send the story to pagination yet, you can reserve it for later by changing the Workflow process to slot.
  13. Send to paginate: When ready to send story to Newsgate for the HPC to lay out, change Workflow process to paginate, then hit save and close. It is important to save and close when sending to HPC, to ensure the file makes it across the bridge.
  14. Send article updates to pagination: Contact the HPC to see if the page has been typeset. You can resend the article with their permission. Open the article, go to Other tab, Custom properties accordion and delete the value number beside the last_sent_time property (do NOT delete last_sent_time).
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